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KATH BLOOM - "This Dream Of Life"

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Release date March 10, 2017. This Dream Of Life, Kath Bloom's 19th album, was recorded over the last 5 winters in Los Angeles with friends. In true method fashion Kath slept in the studio that the recording took place. The album features guests Avi Buffalo, Imaad Wasif and Mark Kozelek. Kath began playing music in a graveyard with Loren Connors in the 1980s and it took nearly 40 years for her to cultivate the passion to perform that she currently revels in. Kath's song 'Come Here' was featured in Before Sunrise (1995) and Bill Callahan's cover of 'The Breeze/ My Baby Cries' was in Paolo Sorrentino's Youth (2015). Kath's songs have been covered by Devendra Banhart, Mick Turner of Dirty Three, Mark Kozelek, and Meg Baird, among others. Kath Bloom recently played the Sound Live Festival in Tokyo (2014), the Elm City Folk Festival in Connecticut (2015), the Borderless Festival in London (2016) and The End of the Road Festival in Dorset (2016). This year, her tour dates will begin in Los Angeles on 2/12/17 at The Bootleg and on 2/16/17 at The Mint. Track listing: 1. This Dream of Life 2. I Bring The Rains 3. Reminds Me of It 4. Oh Baby 5. At Last 6. Changing Horses in Mid Stream 7. This Love Has Got a Mind of Its Own 8. I Just Can’t Make It Without You 9. Let’s Get Going 10. Cold & Windy 11. How Can I Make It Up To You? 12. Baby I’m The Dream You Had

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